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Step 4: Collect your visa at an Iranian embassy/airport

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your visa get rejected because of “insufficient information”, you can send those information to Persa Serv. If your visa get rejected because of some other reasons, MFA does not disclose the reason or rejection due to confidentiality of information.

Passport holders of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Lebanon, Egypt, China (Hong Kong and Macau), Malaysia, Bolivia, or Venezuela do not need a visa to travel to Iran.

You will need to collect only your visa in Iranian embassy/consulates in your home country.

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Dhaka

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Kabul

Consulate General of Iran – Mazar-e-Sharif

Consulate General of Iran – Herat

Consulate General of Iran – Qandahar

It takes about 3 business days to get your Visa Code and then you can collect your visa from Iranian embassy/consulate/airport.

Pakistani nationals will need to get Visa Grant Notice (Iran Visa Invitation Letter) through PersaServ and then collect their visa in Iranian embassy/consulates in your home country or other countries. They need to deliver Flight Ticket or Hotel Reservation Voucher to Visa Officer in Iranian Embassy/Consulate.

There are two types of fees you need to pay to get an Iranian visa including “Authorization Code Fee” (paid online) and “Visa Stamp Fee” (paid in cash at one of Iran’s international airports/embassy/consulate). You can pay visa service fee via Bank Card (Debit or Credit).

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